Governor asked to veto abortion/ultrasound bill

05/13/10 Robert Lorei
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Planned Parenthood and its allies are holding rallies across the state today to urge Governor Crist to veto the bill which requires all women seeking a first trimester abortion pay for and hear a description of an ultrasound of their fetus.

According to our guest, Planned Parenthood SW/Central Florida CEO Barbara Zdravecky, the bill, HB 1143, includes substantive policy-changing language restricting access to abortion, despite never vetted through a single committee, nor being allowed for public comment.

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The bill does not restrict access to abortion in any way. It simply asks that a mother be given information on which to base an informed decision. There was much comment. This is the 2nd time the bill has been before the legislature, and there were 4 hours of debate. Women going in for an abortion already get an ultrasound in virtually all cases, and pay for it if they don't get the abortion. The bill does not change that.


The fact that it was debated on the floor for a few hours does not change the fact that there was no public comment allowed on the bill. During the first trimester, a woman should have the right to determine if she wants to give birth. This bill is meant to intimidate. It was conceived by individuals who wish to end the right for a woman to choose. A woman should not be forced to listen to this lecture nor sign a document stating she doesn't want to hear it. Again, it is simply there to intimidate a woman who has already made a difficult decision.

Flabergasted by Tallahasseee Again

This bill treats women as if they are stupid and don't know what they are doing. I want the legislature to keep their ideological minds off my body! This is insulting! It's just another example of a radical right wing agenda and yes, it will limited access by making it more expensive. That's the real goal - it's a two fold attack religious/moral guilt and financial hardship.