Yesterday (Wednesday) the Hillsborough County Commissioners voted down a motion proposed by Commissioner Pat Frank that would have allowed Citizens to have their say on a county program that forgives development impact fees….

The County has 8 such no-fee program, meant to encourage development of economically depressed areas...The County’s Impact Fee Manager says the zones have cost the county more than $13 million dollars since it began 4 years ago.

During the public hearing portion of yesterday’s County Commission Meeting, Tampa resident Tom Jones, running for County Commisioner in District 2 said he’s read the Fiscal impact study produced by the County , which says there’ll be a billion dollar plus shortfall in the next 15 years due to growth (roll tape#1 o.q.�we can get�)

Late this afternoon, WMNF got in contact with Commissioner Pat Frank. She was disappointed that her motion went down to defeat. And she said she was surprised that many neighborhood activists, generally educated on all of the issues, knew very little about how these Impact Free Zones have been used in the past 4 years (roll tape#2 o.q.�for that�)

That was Hillsborough County Commission Pat Frank, discussing her plan to have the Citizens of Hillsborough County vote on the Impact Free Zones that forgive developers in the county from having to pay impact fees.

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