AG McCollum says he supports AZ immigration law

05/14/10 Kate Bradshaw
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

Yesterday Attorney General Bill McCollum said he now supports the controversial immigration reform the Arizona legislature passed last month. While he had originally called the law “far out,” he says that key changes make it more palatable.

McCollum now supports Arizona’s sweeping immigration reform, which gives local law enforcement the right to demand legal papers of suspected undocumented immigrants with little or no evidence. Despite the changes, the law still draws fire from scores of people who think it encourages racial profiling.

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supports the FRC as well The George Rekers escort scandal seems to have tendrils which reach way beyond destroying the effectiveness of religious right "experts" to speak against lgbt issues in court. It has the potential of sinking the gubernatorial bid of Florida's attorney general, Bill McCollum. According to the Miami Herald, McCollum specifically requested the services of Rekers Attorney General Bill McCollum personally requested that the state's Department of Children & Families hire antigay psychologist George Rekers at $300 an hour as an expert witness to defend Florida's ban on gay people adopting, records show. ``Our attorneys handling this case have searched long and hard for other expert witnesses with comparable expertise to Dr. Rekers and have been unable to identify any who would be available for this case,'' McCollum wrote in 2007 to then-DCF Secretary Bob Butterworth. . . . Florida paid Rekers $60,900 in 2007 and $59,793 in 2009 for his testimony in the case of Frank Gill, a gay foster parent seeking to adopt two young brothers. Florida is the only state that bans all gay people from adopting.


He was against it, now for it, it seems that he wants some of that teabag money. You would think that Crist NOT losing his career by leaving the GOp would tell them that Florida is getting SCARED of our hyper right-wing GOP!

Arizona Law

The ACLU and several other groups filed suit in Arizona today. Is McCollum also going to support the Oklahoma abortion ban? Why not make yourself totally unelectable, Bill?