New water regulations open possibilities for treated freshwater

05/20/10 Robert Lorei
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First up today: we're almost out of the dry season, and soon the rains will begin to replenish the dams, reservoirs and groundwater that the millions of Tampa Bay residents rely on for drinking, cooking, washing and watering their lawns.

We're joined now by T. Barton (Bart) Weiss, the Division Director of the Water Resource Team of Hillsborough County Water Resource Services for Hillsborough County Strategic Water Management. Bart is a registered professional geologist and has 15 years of experience managing Hillsborough's water resources. It's Bart's job to identify, review and advocate projects and programs that help conserve water, protect water resources and ensure water quality. He'll be taking part in a countywide TV call-in show on water issues this Monday afternoon at 5PM on Hillsbororough County government television.

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