Senate hopeful: 'Give me equal time'

06/18/10 Kate Bradshaw
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

At the candidate forum in Sarasota yesterday, the four major candidates for Florida’s open US Senate Seat also fielded questions from reporters. But one of that race’s lesser-known candidates caused a bit of a stir.

When many people think of the race for Florida’s open US Senate seat, they probably think of four people – Governor Charlie Crist, former House Speaker Marco Rubio, US Representative Kendrick Meek, and billionaire investor Jeff Greene. Yet there are several lesser-known candidates in the running, including former Miami mayor Maurice Ferre.

Alex Snitker, a Libertarian who’s vying for the seat, demanded to know why he wasn’t invited to speak at the candidate forum.

Snitker took the mic between Rubio’s and Crist’s time slots. Moderator Rick Hirsch attempted to dispel the situation. But Snitker wasn’t buying it.

Snitker left the room amid a swarm of camera flashes and frantic notebook scrawling. According to the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections website, there are currently 22 people who have qualified for the Senate race.

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I want to hear what that dude had to say. I'm sick of the establishment media only reporting on establishment candidates.


I am glad that Alex Snitker is speaking out even if the media tries to ignore him. I have donated to his campaign and will vote for him in November. He is a real believer in the US Constitution and will restore prosperity, peace and our individual liberties. Good for him for refusing to be quiet.


I believe this was an "I will not sit in the back of the bus" moment. Good for him.

Would have loved....

I would have loved to hear his entire rant, I've met Alexander before, he is a genuinely awesome guy, very sincere in his beliefs. He is getting my vote for sure, especially after seeing him stand up for the underdogs in this video. He is a man of the people.