Last night, the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Calgary Flames in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and they are the kings of the National Hockey League.

An expansion team 12 years ago, the Lightning are the first Cup winner among the nine teams that joined the N.H.L. in the 1990's, when the league grew to 30 teams from 21.

But this could have been the last N.H.L. game for a while. The collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the N.H.L. Players Association expires in September and some on each side predict a labor lockout that could delay or cancel next season.

Robert Kirwan is a Canadian sports marketing consultant, and one of the editors of the Hockey website, After the Whistle.Com.

WMNF spoke to him today to discuss the possible lockout which might take place before next season begins...We asked him if the Hockey owners were trying to institute a hard salary cap , a la the National Football League (roll tape#1 o.q."their not going to move")

That's Canadian Sports marketing Consultant Robert Kirwan, about the impass in the negotiations between the National Hockey League owners and the Players Association.

One Tampa Bay Lightning Defensemen (Jassen Cullimore) told today's Tampa Tribune that if he had to guess, he'd say there would NOT be hockey next year.....But Lightning President Ron Campbell said he does believe the 2 sides will come to an agreement.

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