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07/07/10 Mike Frier
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In the ongoing police investigation of the two slain Tampa Police Officers, attention is now being focused on an employee of the Tampa Police Department who may have known where the suspect was hiding.

At a downtown press conference this morning, Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor says that police are now looking to see who provided shooter Dontae Morris with assistance.

"Monday morning the investigators were back on the case, and are relentlessly tracking down Dontae Morris' every move from the moment of the shootings. And also who provided him assistance during his time that he was underground. As soon as the detectives are able to make those cases, those individuals will be charged. There is no doubt in my mind that he received assistance, and we're going to find out exactly what assistance it was and who gave it to him. Those individuals are going to be charged."

One person who may have known where Morris was hiding out was one of TPD’s own. This morning, Police suspended Carolyn Riggins, a 10 year veteran of the department without pay, saying Riggins did not report that her daughter Elena had a friendship with Dontae Morris.

"Unfortunately one of the individuals involved, and associate of Dontae Morris, her mother happens to be a City of Tampa employee. We have relieved that individual of duty with no pay at this time, pending investigation. And if it is determined that in any way, shape, or form she knew that her daughter was in contact with Dontae Morris, she will be fired."

Elena Riggins and Morris’ brother Duane Calloway are now in jail on charges of marijuana possession and possessing a firearm in the commission of a felony. Chief Castor says that Calloway is also facing two charges of parole violation.

"We arrested Duane Calloway, which you all know is Dontae's brother, and he was with Elena Riggins. We found them in the Motel Six at I2-75 and Fowler. Duane Calloway was charged with violation of probation for domestic battery, and two counts of felon and possesion of a firearm. There was a firearm and cocaine found in that hotel room. Elena Riggins and Duane Calloway were charged with the firearm and the cocaine, and are in jail right now."

With the recent arrests in the case, Tampa Police investigators and prosecutors are now taking a slow and methodical approach in questioning all of the suspects involved.

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