Gov Crist calls special session to ban oil drilling in Florida waters

07/08/10 Seán Kinane
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"I feel a compelling duty to protect Florida. I'm going to be governor for about six more months, and I think I would not be doing my duty as governor if I didn't call for this special session."

This afternoon, Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced that he is calling the state Legislature back into a special session later this month. At a press conference, Crist said he hopes they will draft a state Constitutional amendment that, if passed by voters in November, would ban fossil fuel drilling in Florida waters.

“The rightness of this is so clear. Especially with what we’ve dealt with in the last 80 days or so in Gulf of Mexico. This is an issue that is so important to the future of our state, to the economy of Florida. Our economy and our environment are inextricably linked in my view.”

State waters range from three to ten miles offshore. The ban would not affect deep water drilling in federal waters of the Gulf.

The state Legislature strongly leans Republican, but public outrage is currently high enough that the ban could go through.

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Token Gesture

That's a nice token gesture but as I understand it FL Waters extend 12 nautical miles out on the Gulf side & 3 nm out on the Atlantic side. So banning drilling in FL Waters is about as good as putting a rig on Egmont Key & calling Clwtr Bch protected. What we really need is for our Cong Reps & Senators to sponsor a bill to ban all off shore drilling period! I'd like to see a roll cal vote on that on.

Crist is an Obama Hugger

I drive a car and use electricity and I need oil. I support responsible drilling anywhere. Give BP some credit!