Small Farms Conference & Local Food Groups

07/12/10 Jon Butts
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On today’s Sustainable Living Program we talked about two new food and garden related groups, and the upcoming Florida Small Farm Conference that takes place in Kissimmee July 31 and August 1.

A good friend of WMNF and this program, Robert Kluson, with the Florida Cooperative Extension Service, talked about the Small Farm Conference, and all of the valuable programs and other resources that will be available.

Will Allen, one of the featured people in the movie ‘Fresh’, will be the Keynote Speaker on urban agriculture.

Next up was Gail Eggeman, the market manager for the St Pete Saturday Morning Market. Eggeman just started a new ‘Slow Food’ group: She talked about the history of Slow Food and the vision of this new group. Gail is also going to be at the Small Farm Conference and will be helping with the program Saturday evening, a forum with the candidates running for Agriculture Commissioner of Florida.

Last up, we had Natasha Motesharei (WMNF volunteer!), a Tampa resident who's started a new ‘Food Not Lawns’ group: It sounds like they had a great turn out for their first meeting and will be a good source of information and support for urban food and gardens. Natasha is also attending the Small Farm Conference, and so are we!

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