Opponents of transit tax organize in Hillsborough

07/13/10 Seán Kinane
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In November, Hillsborough County voters will be able to decide whether to raise their sales tax rate by a penny in order to fund a range of transit options including light rail. Several community groups and business organizations support the transit tax. But today at County Center in downtown Tampa, a new group opposing the tax was unveiled.

Sharon Calvert is treasurer of NoTaxForTracks.com and president of the Tampa Tea Party. She is opposed to November’s referendum to raise Hillsborough’s sales tax from 7 cents to 8 cents on every dollar.

Karen Jaroch is chair of the Tampa 912 Project. Jaroch says they’re starting a new website, NoTaxForTracks.com.

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Concerned Citizen

Just another Tea Party group trying to hijack an important issue for our community. Let the people decide and know the facts about why the Tampa Bay Metro area is "dead last" for transportation. Their solution? Do nothing. Continue to send our tax dollars to Washington and DC to fund transportation around the country instead of keeping the $$$ right here in our own county. Yes to more jobs, more choices!

Fight City Hall!

This type of transportation serves city dwellers well but most of us don't live in a city. Ninety percent of the population lives in widely distributed suburbs which will never be served by rail. As a consequence, 90% of Tampa will not be able to use it and it will have virtually no effect on eliminating traffic or carbon emissions. Does that make sense? No.

She's Right

No one will benefit except for the contractors and big business. Look at the trolley car in Ybor. It stands empty continuously.


EVERY tranisi system opened in the US in the last 25 years has far exceeded ridership projections. The suburbs will have their share of transit--and it will be successful

Most Mass Transit Fails

Mary Kay, you need to do some research. Bus ridership almost always meets expectations IN THE CITY but when it's extended to the suburbs, ridership is so low that the routes are subsidized by the more popular routes. People in the suburbs don't need mass transit. Look at the bus route to Brandon. Ridership is so low that they hand out free tickets just to encourage people to take the bus. How much less cost effective will light rail be? Fight city hall! Say no to big business!