Planning Fall Gardens

08/09/10 Jon Butts
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It’s time to start planning our fall and winter gardens here in west-central Florida, and to find the best path we had three of the best gardeners in the Tampa Bay Area join the Sustainable Living program. Roberto Saenz, the Farm Manager for Sweetwater Organic Farm, our local Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, shared tips he’s learned over the years. He had additional knowledge about tropical vegetables from experiences of growing up in Costa Rica.

John Starnes, one of Tampa’s premier urban farmsteaders and a popular returning guest, shared his non-conventional wisdom on vegetable gardening in the Bay Area.

Debbie Butts, our co-host, brought her experience as a former Urban Horticulturist, and she’s presently a full-time vegetable farmer in the Plant City area.

We talked about the Florida Garden Guide, a publication by the University of Florida Extension Service, non-toxic materials for insect and disease control, and then took listeners’ calls on a variety of gardening questions. Sweetwater is having an open house this coming weekend, and you can find out more on their website at Sweetwater.

John Starnes teaches classes in South Tampa on a variety of garden related subjects and his gardening blog is at Starnes.

The Vegetable Gardening Guide, and many other informative publications are available from IFAS

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