The Edge of Dreaming

08/21/10 mary glenney
From A Woman's Point of View

POV's The Edge of Dreaming plumbs the depths of science, death and dreams. Can dreams predict the future? What happens when a Scottish mother dreams that she will be dead with the year.

Amy Hardie, a documentary director/producer filmmaker who has won several international awards, had such a dream. Hardie is a well-known and respected documentary filmmaker who has worked with some of the top researchers in science, covering such topics as the functioning brain and stem cell biology. Scientific and rational, shedoes not remember or analyze dreams. She was stunned when she was awakened that her beloved horse George was dying-she went into the field and indeed George was dead. Coincidental? A couple of months later she had another powerful dream in which she was told that she would die before her next birthday. Her film documents how she dealt with this information.

Amazing stuff.

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