US Senate Candidate Jeff Greene rolls into St Petersburg

08/20/10 Tom Baur
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In St Petersburg late yesterday, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene’s message to students was: get an education, don’t give up on yourself and you can be a billionaire just like him.

Greene is criss-crossing Florida in his intense cash-fueled quest for political office. Greene began yesterday pushing green jobs and energy independence in Tallahassee at a natural gas bus facility. In the afternoon he went to Jacksonville to promote small business and entrepreneurs. Early education was on his mind at St Petersburg's Jordan Park where he hosted a back-to-school block party with free school supplies for students and free barbecued ribs for everyone.

Gerald Norwood one of about one hundred people in attendance, doesn’t know much about Jeff Greene but he came out to support the Democratic Party and to pick up some free school supplies for his daughter.

Education in Florida is on the minds of many. According to the Schott Foundation, the Pinellas County School District has the lowest graduation rate of black males than any other large district in America. And Johns Hopkins University labeled many Florida high schools “dropout factories.”

Gerald Norwood has his opinion on the deplorable graduation rate for black male students.

Last week Jeff Greene threatened to sue the St. Petersburg Times for reporting that he helped create the economic implosion and he made hundreds of millions betting the housing market would tank. In one of his deals, Greene made millions in a profitable apartment-to-condo conversion in California that went bust. Today the Times printed a correction of a story about alleged drug use on Greene’s 145 foot yacht Summerwind. In a press release, Greene said, “Today I reiterate my call that the St. Petersburg Times and other Florida news outlets, which have run stories about me that are false, not only correct the record but retract these stories.”

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