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09/06/10 Jon Butts
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On this Labor Day program we were lucky to catch up with Mark Mossler, Doctor of Plant Medicine at the University of Florida. Mark heads up the Pesticide Information Office, which is part of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) in Gainesville. Topics ranged from bed bugs and nematodes to new biological controls for all kinds of plant diseases and pests.

We also had a faculty member of the Hillsborough County Extension Office join the program. Marina D’Abeau is our Environmental Horticulture Program Coordinator, and heads up the Master Gardener program at the Seffner Extension Office. We’ll be having Master Gardeners present classes on a variety of topics, from dog-friendly back yards to wild flowers and native plants, at our local Hillsborough County libraries. Marina mentioned the importance of the Extension Service and hopes that we all will let our elected leaders know our concerns for IFAS funding.
The Pesticide Information Office Web site is and to find about your local IFAS extension office and topics and locations where Master Gardeners will be giving classes check out

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