Women's Show - CONNIE MAY FOWLER, author


Connie May Fowler, author of BEFORE WOMEN HAD WINGS, REMEMBERING BLUE, and WHEN KATIE WAKES: A MEMOIR. She currently is the Irving Bachellor Chair in Creative Witing at Rollins College. She is a dramatic novelist, essayist, and screenwriter, who writes of the destructiveness and courae of the human spirit. In each of here novels, Fowler uses personal events and information: living in poverty, reading for comfort and escape, Florida, looking to God/spirit for help,and mixed racial culture. Readers' hearts ache from the dichotomies: abject abuse and neglect, poverty and squalor, and hatred and prejudice versus simplicity in character, the beauty of nature, and the kindness or magic of siritually inspired individuals. She is bing hoored as a Southern Writer by The Weekly Planet nd Inkwood Books. Her new book will be THE PROBLEM WITH MURMUR LEE, due out in a few months.

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