President Obama urges end of tax cuts for the rich

09/15/10 Kate Bradshaw
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House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says he's open to discussing alternatives to President Obama’s plan to let tax cuts on the wealthy sunset in January. This comes as some Republicans are in lock-step on the tax cuts. Adam Putnam is a Republican member of Congress from Lakeland who’s running for state Agricultural Commissioner.

Obama wants to make the cuts permanent for low- and middle-income Americans. He spoke today from the White House Rose Garden

If Congress doesn’t pass a measure keeping them in place by the end of the year they will expire. But with elections approaching some Democrats are reluctant to let Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy expire. Democrat Alex Sink, who faces conservative Rick Scott in the race to be Florida’s next governor, wants the Bush tax cuts to stay in place across the board. But U.S. Representative Kathy Castor says this would be irresponsible.

If the GOP blocks a vote on the bill through December 31st most Americans would see higher taxes as a result.

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This appears to be a response to John Boehner's semi suggestion that he would be open to letting the tax cuts for the rich expire. Boehner didn't want to appear inflexible, although I've since seen it written that he's back on the "all-cuts" express. I don't think Mr. Hoyer is any more sincere about being open to "discussion" than Boehner was.