Meek, Fasano respond to Crist-Greer RPOF audit

09/17/10 Kate Bradshaw
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News of a Republican Party of Florida audit spread fast today, and those running against Crist are seizing the opportunity for attack. His opponents in the highly contentious race for US Senate are calling foul, while the governor’s allies are coming to his defense.

It’s not the first time credit cards have gotten current or former Republicans in hot water. You may recall the dust up over Marco Rubio’s $130 haircut earlier this year. US Rep. Kendrick Meek, a Democrat polling third place in the Senate race, says this shows the Republican Party as a whole has no regard for ordinary donors. Meek campaign spokesperson Dave Hoffman says this is proof that Rubio and Crist are cut from the same cloth.

But State Senator Mike Fasano, a New Port Richey Republican and staunch supporter of Crist, scoffs at the notion of that the findings are revelatory.

Fasano says it was Rubio who had an actual credit card in his wallet, not Crist.

Fasano says the party should disclose all of its financial records, and to not do so sends the wrong message to its contributors.

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