President Bush visits Tampa tomorrow, but unless you work at MacDill Air Force Base or are in the media, you'll have to probably catch it on television.

The President is scheduled to arrive at MacDill around 10:30 AM...He will then give a speech, and be back on Air Force One out of Tampa air space by 11:30.

His speech at Mac Dill, home of the U.S. Central Command, will undoubtadley be on

The military and the war on terror.

In a Pre-buttal if you will, the Democratic Party today brought out former U.S. Senator from Georgia Max Cleland, as well as former Gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride AND former soldier Del Sandusky, who fought with John Kerry in Vietnam and now lives in Clearwater, to speak up for the Democratic nominee to be, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry at La Teresita in West Tampa.

A short time later, WMNF spoke with Senator Cleland, who lost his bid for re-election in November of 2002 in a bitter race against Congressman Saxby Chambliss.

A month earlier, Cleland was one of a majority of Democratic Senators who voted FOR the resolution in Congress supporting President Bush going to war in Iraq. Today, Cleland told WMNF he was duped by the former President (roll tape#1 o.q."that's a disgrace")

That's former Democratic U.S. Senator from Georgia, Max Cleland, now working for the John Kerry Campaign, discussing President Bush's Iraq policy.....The President is making an appearance tomorrow at MacDill Air Force Base tomorrow morning.

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