Science in Cuba: how is it different than in U.S.?

09/29/10 Kate Bradshaw
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Science in the US looks a little different from one of its closest neighbors.

Luis Barerras works for Cuba’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. Speaking through translator Fernando Trelles, a researcher with Miami Beach–based Ocean Foundation, Barerras says relations between the US and Cuba have improved recently in terms of science, but they still aren’t exactly ideal.

Barerras says he’d like to see stronger relations between the two governments’ scientific arms because both have the authority to construct and implement policy – nonprofits don’t.

Universities and environmental nonprofits do much of the environmental research in the US. Barerras says this isn’t the case in Cuba.

He says there are some non-government organizations that do scientific work.

This week, scientists from Cuba, the US and Mexico are gathering at Sarasota’s Mote Marine Laboratory, an independent nonprofit specializing in marine research. Dubbed the Trinational Initiative, it wrapped up today. It was the first year the marine science consortium met in the United states. It formed in 2007, and has previously met in Mexico and Cuba.

WMNF coverage of the Trinational Initiative at Sarasota's Mote Marine Lab

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