Last week, the Bay walk entertainment complex in downtown St. Petersburg changes their policies as they relate to dress codes and groups of people walking around in the complex. They did so after 8 months of protest by the UHURU movement, who claimed the police discriminated against young people, especially young black people. Now the UHURU movement is celebrating its second victory in the past week, as they have reached a settlement with the Pinellas county state attorneys office on charges against Keith Mtumu Stewart. Stewart was arrested last October and charged with inciting a riot. He was in the Baywalk complex when police arrested a black man. According to Stewart, he asked them not to be so violent with the man being arrested, and ten the cops turned on him and arrested him. The police version of the story was that Stewart verbally threatened the police and encouraged the crowd of people to assist him. WMNF spoke with Chimurenga Waller, President of the St Petersburg branch of the UHURUs.


That was Chimurenga Waller of the UHURU movement, speaking about the plea bargain agreement on the case of Keith Mtumu Stewart.

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