Romney stumps for Rubio in Pasco

10/01/10 Kate Bradshaw
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Most mainstream media outlets are saying that, come November, heads will roll on Capitol Hill. The-so-called tea party movement has dominated the political sphere this year, and is pushing candidates from the far right to the political forefront. One of these is Marco Rubio, who leads in a multi-way race for the US Senate. One mainstream Republican was in town today stumping for Rubio, who is Florida’s former House Speaker.

They’re gathered at a small Italian restaurant in Land O Lakes. The place is packed long before Rubio walks in with former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and a few local GOP leaders. Romney echoes something former president Al Gore had said the previous day in Tampa while stumping for Kendrick Meek, Rubio’s Democratic opponent.

Though Rubio thinks the 2010 election is vital for a different reason.

For a political platform that leans heavily on anti-incumbent, sentiment, there are a lot of incumbents at the podium. State Representative for District 61 Will Weatherford speaks, as does Congress member Adam Putnam, the GOP candidate for Ag commissioner. It’s hard two tell whether it’s Romney or Rubio that has more star power. Romney’s speech draws audible scoffing at the names of top Democrats, as well as that of one former Republican, Charlie Crist.

Romney repeatedly refers to what he calls the liberal agenda, which, according to the former governor, is an attempt to suffocate free enterprise through bureaucracy and taxation. He takes square aim at the federal stimulus.

Romney also tees off on President Obama’s foreign policy, though there’s no mention of things one might think a conservative might favor, such as the current administration’s use of unmanned drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Laura Rambeau-Lee is a local political activist.

She says she supports the GOP ticket this time around for a lot of reasons.

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows Rubio leading the Senate race with 46 points, independent candidate Charlie Crist placing second with 33 points, and Democrat Kendrick Meek getting 18 percent of the vote. Today Crist said Rubio was on the fringe right, and that Meek was a nice guy, who couldn’t win. There are still 32 days left until the midterm elections.

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