SCRIPT: More than three hundred Republicans in one place. The Spartan Manor in New Port Richey. The Ronald Reagan Day fundraiser to support candidates and issues near and dear to the Republican heart in local and state elections. A Glock .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun was raffled off by the second amendment club. A perfect opportunity to ask the Republican Partys stance on the Felon’s list and voter rights. Bill Bunting is the chairman of the Pasco County Republican party. Roll Tape:

Kurt Browning, Pasco County’s Supervisor of elections was in attendance. Browning, a Democrat until 2002, changed horses midstream, becoming a Republican. Browning is up for Re-election. He spoke of his efforts to review the Felons List. Roll Tape:

Alan Bentz, the incoming Speaker of the House, was asked whether felons deserved to vote. Roll Tape:

Ginny Brown-Waite, Congresswoman district five, Brooksville, indicated that the Felons List might be flawed. Roll Tape:

Tarpon Springs Congressman Mike Bilirakis suggested that he didn’t think that felons wanted to vote. Roll Tape:

SOCK OUT. Meanwhile, CNN and other media organizations case against Secretary of State Glenda Hood is before Circuit Judge Nikki Clark. There are more than 47,000 names of potential felons at stake. This is Mark Antokas, for WMNF, radio news.

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