Al-Arian heads back to court asking for dismissal of criminal contempt

10/15/10 Samar Jarrah, Ahmed Bedier, and Seán Kinane
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Former USF professor Sami Al-Arian heads back to court later this month. A Tampa jury acquitted Al-Arian of a number of terrorism-related charges in December 2005 and did not reach a verdict on others. In order to avoid a re-trial, Al-Arian pleaded guilty the following year to nonviolent support to individuals the government claims are associated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad. He was supposed to be deported, but was called to testify in an unrelated case in Virginia. Because his plea deal did not require him to cooperate in any other case, Al-Arian refused to testify and was charged with criminal contempt of court. He has been on house arrest since September 2008. Now his attorneys are asking that the contempt charge be dropped.

Today on the WMNF program True Talk, hosts Samar Jarrah and Ahmed Bedier asked Al-Arian’s trial attorney, Linda Moreno, about the upcoming hearing in Virginia on October 29.

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