Interview with US Rep Alan Grayson who faces uphill battle for reelection

10/22/10 Seán Kinane
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One of the most progressive members of the U.S. Congress represents parts of the Orlando area … and his seat is in danger.

Democrat Alan Grayson is in an uphill battle against his main opponent, former state House Speaker Daniel Webster. There are two others in the race for Florida’s 8th Congressional District as well, Peg Dunmire, with the Tea Party, independent George Metcalfe, and write-in Steven Gerritzen.

WMNF made several requests to interview Daniel Webster, but they have not been granted.

We were able to interview Representative Grayson:

“The issues we’re running on are: what are the priorities for the country? We have a Democratic president and a Democratic Congress that wants to concentrate on jobs and better health and better education and we have an opposition that wants to concentrate on figuring out where the president’s birth certificate is and determining his religious beliefs.”

“We need to accelerate government spending, particularly on infrastructure. We also need to make sure more and more money is spent at home. If we simply brought all the troops home without actually cutting defense spending, we’d still dramatically improve the economy because all the money we’re spending now to support the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq is going to Afghanistan and Iraq, and it’s not going to people here in the United States.”

“After 28 years, I think it’s fair to say [Daniel Webster] hasn’t turned Florida into paradise. And he’s an extreme right-winger. Among other things, he advocates for a group that says women – mothers should not work outside the home. He has introduced legislation that would trap battered women in marriages they couldn’t escape from. He has, among other things said, and supported legislation, that would require a raped woman to bear her attacker’s child. So he’s a man with a 19th Century name and 14th Century beliefs. There’s no question he’ll turn the country back 200 years or more.”

On Monday, we’ll bring you an independent analysis of this race by a political science professor at the University of Central Florida.

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