Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink casts her vote

11/02/10 Sarah Curran
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The fight is finally over. Now Florida’s candidates for Senate, governor and multiple other positions are casting their own ballots. This morning, WMNF’s Sarah Curran caught up with one candidate and voter, Alex Sink as she cast her ballot in her home town of Thonotosassa.

Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee, Alex Sink is running a tight race with republican Rick Scott, and says even though voting day is here; her campaign is still moving at full force.

“We have enormous numbers of volunteers all day today on the phones, calling people helping people get to the polls if that’s what they need. I am just very encouraged, over the last several days the enthusiasm we have seen has been very encouraging.”

Sink says, as the numbers come in, she has her eye on a few specific counties.

“We will be looking at the turnout in south Florida. were interested in the results all along the I-4 corridor I in particular am going to be looking at some of the more rural counties.”

Due to a four page ballot this year, polling locations may become clogged with Florida voters. However, Hillsborough County Supervisor of elections Earl Lennard has a couple hints to make casting a vote a fast and painless process.

“Have signature ID, photo ID, have that prepared to show the poll worker. And secondly they should have studied the ballot so they will know what is on the ballot, so when they mark their ballot they will be able to mark it informed and efficiently”

Polls are open today till 7 p.m. and Floridians are casting their votes on multiple government positions as well as amendments dealing with class sizes, gerrymandering and land use.

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