Pam Bondi clinches Florida Attorney General race

11/03/10 Sarah Curran
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One of last night’s Republican victories was celebrated in Tampa by Florida’s new Attorney General, Pam Bondi.

The Pepin Hospitality center in east Tampa was packed last night as Pam Bondi came on stage for her victory speech. Florida’s attorney general-elect clinched the victory with 54 percent of the vote, beating out democrat Dan Gelber and Jim Lewis to become the states first female Attorney General.

Four giant television screens projected election results to the Republican crowd at the Center. And onlookers like Liz Wessel And Justin Colvin have high hopes for the changes Republicans like Pam Bondi will make once they take office.

“She is gonna tackle immigration I know she is going to challenge the Obama health care mandate, and I know that gangs are a big issue too.”

“I’d like to see a real change and not more of the same rhetoric we have heard from both parties to be honest. A real change in spending, both at the local, state and federal level. Just the budgets in this country are blotted we cant afford a lot of the programs we have, we need some serious cuts in spending so we need some bipartisan efforts to get that accomplished.”

Current attorney General Bill McCollum and former Florida Governor Bob Martinez were part of the crowd, cheering for Bondi as she took the stage. Bondi said she hates the word change so instead said she is going to make a difference.

Bondi also supports an Arizona style immigration law for Florida and says her main goal is to continue McCollum’s fight against Obama’s health care reform.

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