State Rep. Rouson: tea party policies won't work

11/03/10 Kate Bradshaw
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Incoming House Speaker John Boehner says Capitol Hill’s GOP fortification will beef up the party’s full-court press against President Obama’s policies. But the US Senate has kept its Democratic majority intact. But members of that party are still concerned about what the fresh crop of Republican senators will do once in Washington. WMNF spoke with one Democrat in the state House who says tea party legislators are going to wreak havoc once they take office.

State Representative Darryl Rouson, a Democrat from St. Petersburg, says GOP leadership in the House and Senate will paralyze President Obama’s agenda, one Rouson says is all about the people. He says all one has to do is look at health care reform.

"You know, presidents for years have tried to get health care reform passed, couldn't do it. Clinton couldn't do it, Bush couldn't do it. And finally we get a man who can do it and now they're crucifying him for bringing the very changes that we know we've needed for a long time in a system that's been broken."

Of course, the much-maligned Affordable Care Act has become an easy target for the GOP. Tea party Republicans have long threatened to repeal the health care overhaul, and now they seem to have a shot. Rouson says the policies tea partiers want to implement won’t exactly solve any problems.

"The policies of the Tea Party, if fully implemented will hurt a lot of people. And it will cause drastic times in many of our communities. And I really just can't see it taking over this country like people want us to believe."

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