As we reported last night, a group of former senior diplomatic officials and retired military commanders have -- issued statement arguing that George W. Bush has damaged the country's national security and are calling on Americans to defeat him in November.

The group, called Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change, argues that the Bush Administration is not just estranged around the world but even from America's own bipartisan foreign policy and military establishments.

These are hardly the first or only former diplomats, military and intelligence officers to step forward to protest White House policy. Retired General Anthony Zinni, who formerly served as President Bush’s special Mideast envoy, has publicly denounced the Iraq misadventure. So has James Webb, former Navy Secretary in the Reagan administration. Quite notoriously, so have former ambassador Joe Wilson and former counterterrorism director Richard Clarke.

Ambassador Robert Keelee served in Greece, Zimbabwe and Mauritious at various times between 1976 and 1989….WMNF spoke to him Wednesday immediately following his group’s coming out, as it were, at a news conference in Washington. We asked him, How bad is the U.S.’s stature in rest of the world right now ? (roll tape# 1 o.q.�invade so and so�)

That’s Former U.S. Ambassador Robert Keeley, part of the group calling itself Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change that was formally announced in Washington yesterday.

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