INTRO: Last Sunday saw a gathering of more than three hundred Republicans fo the Ronald Reagan fundraiser in New port Richey. WMNF’s Mark Antokas was there and spoke to many republicans, Tarpon Springs Congressman Mike Bilirakis was one. The topic was the war in Iraq. Roll Tape:

Tarpon Springs Republican Mike Bilirakis, Congressman district nine was first elected on Ronald Reagans coat-tails in 1982. Bilirakis says he will be running his last campaign in 2004. WMNF spoke to Bilirakis on his views on the war, Abu Graib prison, and America’s role in the world in general. Roll Tape:

With some estimating that America would have more than onethousand dead by the end of the year, Bilirakis predicted that the U.S. would not waver. Roll Tape:

The G.O.P. rhetoric seems to be spoken, believed, and then cast into stone. Bilirakis, like most in the Republican party, continues to believe that Iraq was responsible for Al Quiada and 911. Roll Tape:

In closing, Bilirakis summed it up by saying that the United States would continue to do it alone if necessary. Roll Tape:

This is Mark Antokas, for WMNF, radio news.

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