Castor: TSA should be more creative with search options

11/24/10 Kate Bradshaw
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Demonstrators in Revolution-Era garb were spotted outside Tampa International Airport today, protesting the controversial body scans. These days the John Adams look is a tea party calling card, but even some Democrats are critical of TSA’s body scans.

Earlier this week, outgoing Republican US Senator George LeMieux said intrusive search practices like the body scans should be abandoned in favored of policies like profiling and fingerprinting.

US Representative Kathy Castor, a Democrat, wouldn’t go that far, but she did say that level of discomfort shouldn’t be a prerequisite for hopping on a plane.

"Here's a real dilemma; between our personal privacy and security because folks, when they travel, they want to be safe. Especially after last year when a terrorist hid explosives in his underwear. But I travel quite a lot and I found those checks very intrusive, very personally intrusive. I hope that the TSA will go back and reevaluate the way they conduct those screenings. If there is a way to do it mechanically but there are problems with that, too, with the images on a screen. But I think they've got to go back, we've got a lot of expertise in this country. Go back and reevaluate it so that passengers still trust that they are safe without having to undergo very intrusive searches."

Castor made those comments Monday morning in Tampa. She added that, as a frequent traveler between DC and Tampa, she has to undergo patdowns, and finds them unnecessarily intrusive.

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Touch my junk…

Oh please… some of us prefer the Sam Adams look… big ol’ mug of beer… going commando… ear-to-ear grin… you know… just what every Patriot gears-up with before they get felt-up by the TSA.

not creative - copy!

they don't have to be creative - copy el al and ben gurion airport - neither have ever been attacked - and israel has enemies!!!! american's foolishly give up 4th amendment rights - the terrorists have won!!@!