Dr. Saleemul Huq on tranistioning to a post-fossil fuel economy

11/29/10 Kelly Benjamin
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WMNF's Kelly Benjamin is in Cancun, Mexico on a Fellowship from Earth Journalism News covering the United Nations Global Climate Summit. Today he spoke with Dr. Saleemul Huq on the inevitability of transitioning to a post fossil fuel economy.

"In my view, the problem now has shifted to a much greater, longer term issue than just merely dealing with the pollution. It's about how the global economy as a whole weans itself off the dependence on fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and gas which we've had for the last century and a half and goes into a new era which might be termed the post fossil fuel era over the next ten, twenty years. That's the sort of time window we have to do that. And countries across the globe, from big countries like China, medium sized countries like South Korea, to tiny countries like Maldives are making that transition. They have decided that that is the right thing to do, that is where the future lies, and they see the writing on the wall and they are preparing themselves for it. Other countries may take a little longer to get there but sooner or later everybody is going to get there and they are going to realize that the era of the fossil fuel will have to go like the era of the horse and buggy when cars started or the era of the sail ship went when steam ship started. It is really a sea change in the global economy that will take place in our lifetimes over the next decade or two."

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I still like “Private Benjamin” better...

Say it aint so… Kelly Benjamin is in Cancun… burnin-up all kinds of “carbon credits”… on a “grant” from the Earth Journalism Network… in “PARTNERSHIP” with the ICCD (China), the VFEJ (Vietnam), the NECJOGHA (Somalia), the SIEJ (Indonesia)… and a couple of others from Central & South America!!! Dude… I have got to find out what office you’re running for… provided of course… it’s an office right here in the good ol’ US of A.... Do you have a dual citizenship somewhere???


This really undermines your arguments, Glenn. Personal attacks do not belong in a public forum. If you'd like to trade barbs, I am a moderator at...www.forums.thepoliticalasylum.com.....It's free, btw.

The pitfalls of public office…

You’re kidding… right??? As soon as Kelly said… “Vote for me!!!” …he gave up “personal” and went straight to the head of the line of “public”. By-the-way… where do you feel I made a “personal attack”??? Was it my comment on carbon credits (which closed at 14.7 Euros today… down 0.27 from yesterday… obviously the market is responding to the size of the summits “footprint”)… or was it when I pointed out the acknowledged partnerships of a news organization referenced in this article... which Kelly has very close ties with (some of those partners do look kinda sketchy though)… or was it my QUESTION about dual citizenship??? I know many people with multiple citizenships… and the next time I go to the Conch Republic… I’ll be filing for citizenship there too. It was simply a question. And Yes… he is running for office right here in the good ol’ US of A… I looked it up. Also TG… thank you for the invitation… I do enjoy visiting the asylums of both the mind-numb-robots on the right and the lobotomized-liberals on the left. I’ll check it out. But first… let’s look a little deeper into this EJN… shall we??? People in public office… that have ties to organizations (or governments) whose policies are contrary to the basic tenants of the Constitution of the United States of America… scare me...especially if those would-be politicians have had an opportunity to teach those “contrary policies” to our school kids. Remember… it’s “We the people…” not “Those other people…”

The pitfalls of research...

Kelly Benjamin… I am very surprised and impressed!!! It would appear that the EJN (with the help of their partnerships) is training journalists in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Horn of Africa, Central and South America… to report on the climate issues in their own regions… TRAINING… TEACHING… to report on the climate issues… that sir, is very cool. It seems that the Earth Journalism Network may be an outstanding organization to be affiliated with. Congratulations on your Fellowship. However… I am inclined to agree with the chair of the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change (2009)… …Richardson said media organizations need to sell their newspapers, "so expecting journalists to do this job for us when they are being paid to earn money for a newspaper isn't correct — it isn't going to happen." http://www.scidev.net/en/news/journalists-criticised-over-climate-change-reporti.html

See above...