Code Green Communities

11/29/10 Jon Butts
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On today’s Sustainable Living Program our first guest was a local home owner that installed a solar electric system last year and applied for a $4 a watt rebate from the State of Florida Solar Grant Program. His application was held up because of lack of funding, but he just found out that the state has appropriated 31 Million to fund the program. Pat Mahoney felt like this amount should pay most, if not all of his rebate. Pat also addressed a question that was posed on the last SL Program about heat recovery systems that use waste heat from appliances like refrigerators and AC units to heat domestic hot water. He’s had his for three years and felt it would work better on a large house. He’s looking into a solar hot water heater now. Next up, we had the founder of Code Green Community ( Eric Stewart, a local permaculturist seeking a better world. Eric feels there is a shift in thinking toward a more sustainable world, and is willing to work with our present social and governmental structure to get us there. His plan includes even the giant corporations, such as Wal-Mart, plus a personal commitment and local grass roots activism.

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