How Religion Divides And Unites Us

12/01/10 Robert Lorei
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In his groundbreaking new book, Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam describes the growing polarization in America when it comes to religion. But he says there's also room for optimism. How religion divides and unites us next on WMNF.

Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam changed the way we think about the fabric of American society with his previous book BOWLING ALONE. Now with his latest book AMERICAN GRACE: HOW RELIGION DIVIDES AND UNITES US (Simon and Schuster), Putnam and his co-author David Campbell draw on the most comprehensive surveys ever done on religious and public life in America. The book shows how religion simultaneously contributes to and does harm to American Democracy. One of the fundamental questions he deals with is- if we are so divided religiously, why do we have so much interfaith tolerance?

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