Winter Vegetable Gardens

12/13/10 Jon Butts
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We started today’s program with the Executive Director of the Florida Organic Growers Association. Marty Mesh talked a little about FOG’s mission and some of the projects they’re involved in. Although a lot of folks disagree, Marty feels the Food Safety Bills that have been talked about for the last couple of years are the best we could come up with. These are coming up for vote in the US Senate.

Next up, our guests were with Pinellas County Cooperative Extension Service. Jane Morse is their Horticulture Agent and Andy Wilson is the Senior Agent. The main issue was the cold weather that we are currently experiencing. Suggestions for cold protection included covering plants all the way to the ground, keeping the ground moist, and if you can, using something like Christmas lights as a heat source. We talked about the Florida Garden Guide, available through the University of Florida’s Food & Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) EDIS (Electronic Data Information Service) website, and other sources of information available to the home gardener. If you’re going to grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplant from seed, now the time to get seeds started for your spring gardens.

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