Has China Surpassed The US?

12/16/10 Robert Lorei
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The USF publicity department wrote this about our next guest:

"Robert Dardenne, Journalism and Media Studies Department chair, presented a paper on China’s image in U.S. newspapers at the Fourth World Forum on China Studies held in Shanghai, Pudong, People’s Republic of China from Nov. 5-8.

"Dardenne’s presentation, “Emerging Soft Power, Persistent Hard Image: China Constructed in Select U.S. Newspapers,” showed how China’s rise as an influential nation with a growing economy has been portrayed in the American press since 2006.

“I've followed China's image in the United States over the past decade and much of it is negative, as with many countries in the world — African nations, in particular,” Dardenne said. “However, China's economy is booming, even through a world recession, and its growth has been phenomenal. Further, it has moved into Africa, South America and other countries, providing aid, constructing infrastructure, and signing trade and other agreements."

"Many stories about China's economy have been positive, but others continue to emphasize the "dark side," Dardenne said. Often, the news portrays a surging China as either an economic threat to the United States or a country that can't sustain its economic success because of multitudes of internal issues, including labor unrest, censorship, human rights violations, industry disasters and more, he said.

"Dardenne traveled to China as a Fulbright scholar from 1999 to 2000. He taught journalism and media classes at Shanghai International Studies University and lectured in universities throughout the country. Since his Fulbright year and including his most recent visit, Dardenne has traveled back to China three times, lecturing at universities and presenting papers at conferences. His November trip was sponsored by a China scholar's group and the City of Shanghai. Dardenne also gave two lectures at Shanghai International Studies University.

"The Fourth World Forum covered a range of topics from internal Chinese news, media, government and social organization to China's relationship and influence in other parts of the world, including the United States and Russia. Two or three sessions covered China media and news, including the one at which Dardenne presented."

Bob Dardenne joins us now to talk about his recent visit to China.

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