NTRO: Exede twenty eight grams of Percocet, and you will receive twenty five years in prison. But it will take the state a while to find and convict you. Richard Paey sits in prison today for possession of Percocet, containing the opiate Oxycontin. A bill introduced this past legislative session would have made all that much easier for the state. With more and moe insatances of “Doctor Shopping� in Florida, the medication of patients in pain continues to be an issue in Florida and the nation. New Port Richey Republican Senator Mike Fasano introduced a bill which would open up patients medical records not only to doctors and pharmacists, but to law enforcement officials as well. The legislation was recently defeated in the house, privacy issues were the concern. In a continuation of yesterdays Richard Paey story, WMNF’s Mark Antokas files this report.

SCRIPT: In the Wake of the sentencing of Richard Paey for drug possession, came Senate bill 580, Senator Mike Fasano’s bill to open up a patients prescription drug records. The bill was shot down in the house. WMNF spoke to Chevron Reynolds of the Pain Network in New York City about senate bill 580. Roll Tape:

Senator Mike Fasano says it’s all about abusing the system. Roll Tape:

John Chase of the November Coalition, an organization dedicated to changing this nation’s drug laws says he knows of Senator Fasano’s mission. Roll Tape:

Senator Mike Fasano believes his bill may be resurrected at some point in the future. Roll Tape:

Richard Paey in prison. Roll Tape:

SOCKOUT: For the moment, patients medical records are not accessable to law enforcement. You can reach Senator Mike Fasano’s office at: 727-848-5885 You can reach the Pain Releif network at: Chevron Reynolds, 917-432-4295, You can reach the November Coalition at: WWW. This is Mark Antokas for WMNF radio news.

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