Gun Control Group Says More Regulation Of Guns Is Needed In Wake of Tucson Tragedy

01/13/11 Robert Lorei
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This is WMNF's Radioactivity program. I'm Rob Lorei. Our next guest is Dennis Henigan, VP of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and author of "Lethal Logic: Exploding the Myths of the Gun Lobby". He's here to talk with us about whether we have strong enough gun laws to protect us from a recurrence of the tragedy this past Saturday in Tucson.

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Gun control... is being able to hit your target.

If you want “gun control” quit going after the firearms… they are protected by the 2nd amendment. However… ammunition is not protected!!! Without bullets… guns aint nothing but fancy sticks. Ammo has a shelf life and does become unusable. Reloading requires gunpowder and primers… neither of which is protected by the Constitution. But no one really wants gun control… that’s why they keep trying to fight the Constitution… instead of going after the ammo.