On Dale Mabry, peaceful protesters ask for an end to the Wars

01/17/11 Sarah Curran
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The signs read everything from Bring them home to, how is the war economy working for you. Two kilometers away from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, the current wars’ central command, Peaceful protesters held a vigil to bring home the troops fighting overseas.

“This is somebody else’s war, its sure not ours anymore.”

Bud Holly is an 82-year-old veteran who has been protesting Iraq’s occupation from the beginning.

“When I started this I was going to DC on the weekends and stuff like that and hollering and hooting. There was a real interest in getting them out of Iraq, but now that they are out of Iraq they are somewhere else. Well they will probably be somewhere else after this. I don’t think this country is built to have steady war.”

Anti-war activist Susie Shannon says the war also has huge economic tie ins.

“If you don’t get the thing about humans being killed for no good reason well maybe you get the fact that our economy all our taxes are going to war and I would rather my taxes go to feeding human beings any day rather than going to kill them.”

Joy Nuenam and Paula Viellet say they are taking part in the vigil because they think the billions spent on defense could benefit the US in better ways.

“Were just out here to resonate with the people and to let them know we want these wars to end now we want healthcare not warfare."

“I’m here because I believe in peace. I think we are spending too much of our money on war when that money could be better used towards things that will help build community and health and well being for our nation.”

According to the Washington Post, since the U.S. invaded Iraq, over 58-hundred soldiers have lost their lives to the conflicts. Vigil organizer Jay Alexander says this vigil also correlates with the Birthday of someone who had a lot to say in his time about a similar situation.

“I just wanted to read a quote. This is Martin Luther Kings birthday, he would have been 82 years old and he quoted ‘a nation that continues year after year to spend more on military defense and on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death’ and he also mentioned the great initiative in the war is our and the initiative to stop it is ours. And this was both in 1967 during the Vietnam conflict and it’s the same situation going on today.”

Alexander says they have been standing on the corner of South Dale Mabry and West Gandy Boulevard every third Saturday of each month for five years. And he says rain or shine they will keep standing there until the troops come home.

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