Today in Washington, Tampa Congressman Jim Davis introduced legislation to overturn President Bush's new Cuba policies which he says undermine families and jeopardize innocent Cubans who rely on visits from their Cuban-American relatives for their livelihood.

Under the President's new restrictions on travel and remittances, starting on June 30th, Cuban-Americans will only be allowed to visit their families in Cuba once every three years for a maximum of 14 days with no exceptions, and they must apply for a specific license to make the trip. The President has also attempted to redefine and limit the Cuban family. Cuban-Americans will no longer be permitted to visit or send remittances to their aunts, uncles or cousins in Cuba. During their stay in Cuba, visitors will only be allowed to spend $50 a day, and travelers to Cuba can only bring 44 pounds of luggage and $300 of life-sustaining remittances for immediate family.

This afternoon, Congressman Davis explained to WMNF why he introduced the bill

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That's Tampa Congressman Jim Davis, discussing his new legislation that he hopes will reverse new Cuban policies enacted by President Bush that are scheduled to kick into effect next week.

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