Last night, a reported 55 thousand people in all 50 states gathered in living rooms, churches, restaurants and libraries and meeting halls all across the country for a national town hall meeting with Fahrenheit 9-11 director Michael Moore. Over 4600 meetings were organized by moveon.org’s members and political action committee, to try and gather political support against president bush from the momentum of Fahrenheit 9-11 the new film that paints Bush as a lying, uncaring war profiteer. There were several gatherings in the Tampa bay area, the largest was at Viva la Freda on North Florida Avenue; over 300 people came to hear Michael Moore, and find out what they can do to help get Bush out of office. Most of the people had seen Fahrenheit 9-11 and Moore thanked them for giving the film the highest grossing opening weekend ever, for a film showing on less than 1000 screens. Moore said the movie made almost 24 million dollars.

ACT ‘The theatre managers today said they will have to have longer showtimes…one woman in Connecticut shouted lets go out and have a meeting! This is what I wanted! …I’m so encouraged, I haven’t had this much hope in 3 and1/2 years…it was difficult for me after the Oscars I felt very alone. People will learn what bush has done, they will feel so deceived and betrayed and they will respond with a vengeance.

The event also featured speeches by Patrick Mantegna, the editor of La Gazetta. Phil Compton from the Florida consumer action network, and moveon.org volunteers, and Jamal Wilkins, who works with America votes

ACT “It is amazing to realize that in this election season, every progressive organization that you can imagine is working together to send bush back to Crawford Texas.

David Adele from Moveon’s PAC asked those in the crowd to sign up for cell phone campaign calling parties on Sunday, July 11th. About 20 people volunteered to host parties, where people will be using their free or unused cell phone minutes to call people in swing states and speak to them about the upcoming election.

ACT “..here in Tampa, in the I-4 corridor... is perhaps the most important place for getting bush out of office…more important than Ohio..so every time you think about whether you wanna lift a finger, log on take action, phone bank, flyer, every time you think about whether you wanna do it, you do.�

Michael Moore called on people to not vote for Ralph Nader, who he acknowledged doing in 2000. He said he has never spoken to John Kerry, but his advice to the democratic presidential candidate is to not cater to the right, but reach out to the millions of neglected voters

ACT “John Kerry and the democrats have to get people out there to vote. ..... 62 percent of the people are female, black or Hispanic. I saw the precinct on Cleveland..If you can’t convince them that it’s important to vote.... So my sincere encouragement to Kerry is to do that.

Moore asked the town hall attendees to do three things: Don’t go to work on November 2nd, election day, instead spend the day on the streets encouraging people to vote. Take a weekend in October and drive to a swing state to volunteer with an organization trying to get out the vote against President Bush. And to get 5 people they know, who aren’t planning to vote, and encourage them to do so, between now and November. WMNF asked some of the 300 plus attendees if they thought Moveon and Michael Moore's grassroots campaign would work in unseating President Bush.


For more information about the July 11th phone bank parties, or the Moveon campaign, logon to www.moveonpac.org email david@moveonpac.org

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