Today is the last day of the public comment period for a potentially far-reaching Environmental Protection Agency proposal to limit mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. The long-awaited regulation has been delayed for a decade, and EPA is under court order to issue a final rule next year. Environmental and health advocates have been campaigning extensively in the Tampa Bay area and around the country to get citizens to wrote the EPA and ask them to install harsh pollution standards, but they fear that instead of forcing companies to reduce emissions by 90 percent in the next 4 years, they will create lax standards of only 70 percent reduction by 2017. Today, on the St Petersburg marina, the Sierra club kicked off a campaign in Spanish, to let the millions of Spanish speaking Americans know about the dangers of mercury and other environmental pollution, and to alert them to the Bush administrations catering to corporate polluters, instead of prioritizing public safety.

SOUND The new Spanish ads will be airing all over the country, and they feature a St Petersburg resident, Zeida Santana


Santana from ad

ACT “I have two small children. I decided not to feed them their early age it can affect them very very bad.

The Sierra club also released a report titled communities at risk, which focuses on the dangers the mercury pollution to Hispanic communities. Amanda Ransom says that the report, which is in English and Spanish, gives voice to a community that is victim on environmental pollution both in the fields and the cities.

ACT “Studies after studiers have shown that Hispanic populations are in urban area that are most polluted..coal fired power plants like big Ben behind us …

The Sierra club is asking the federal government to obey the clean air act, which calls for the EPA to create standards, which hold companies to a little pollution as possible.

Santana told WMNF that she has been lucky enough to be educated about mercury, but many others in her community do not understand that they are being poisoned every time they eat fish.

ACT “I’m a biologist…�

Locally, the new ad starts airing today on Univision. To view the Latino Communities at risk report, logon to

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