THE ARAB MIND - Mitch Perry


In the midst of his stunning, startling series of articles in the New Yorker about the Abu Grahib Prison abuse scandal, journalist Seymour Hersh wrote that Arabs were particularly vulnerable to sexual humiliation because of a frequently cited book, entitled, "The Arab Mind", written by Raphael Patai, a cultural anthropologist, in the early 1970's....Patai died back in 1996.....

But Patai's daughter, Daphne is angry about what she says have been mischarachterizations about the book since Hersh's article came out.

Daphne Patai is a Professor of women's studies at the University of Massachusetts....WMNF spoke to her about her father's Book, "The Arab Mind"

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That's Daphne Patai, a Professor at the University of Massachusetts, and the daughter of the late Raphael Patai, author of "The Arab Mind"....She spoke to us earlier today.

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