INTRO: Kurt Browning, Pasco County Supervisor of Elections, has been involved with elections since 1975. Browning was first elected as supervisor in 1980, was re-elected five times thereafter as a democrat. After the 2000 election, in 2002, browning changed horses mid-stream, becoming a republican, citing issues with Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the house. Browning said at the time that the Democrats had become too liberal, and that, “The party had left him.� On Monday, at a town hall meeting, WMNF’s Mark Antokas had a chance to interview him.

SCRIPT: Kurt Browning has had easier campaigns. With deep distrust of touch screen voting machines salting the wounds of a contested 2000 Florida election and a very vocal Pasco County Democratic electorate feeling betrayed in his 2002 party reversal, Browning is dotting his I’s and crossing his T’s. Browning’s last few bids for re-election went un-opposed, but this time, Browning is facing Patrick Bergy, a computer expert and political neophyte running as a non-partisan candidate. WMNF began the interview by asking Browning about about Bergy’s assertion that his questions were not being answered. Roll Tape:

SOCK_OUT: Jan Lentz, of the voting Machine Taskforce of the West Pasco Democratic Club, has voiced concern that State Supervisors of Elections might be targeting religious right and conservative voters in their Register to Vote campaigns, and as the Democrats in Pasco County pile up pressure over paper receipts and touch screen voting machines, Browning will continue to feel the heat. This is Mark Antokas, for WMNF radio news.

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