U.S. Democratic Senate candidate Alex Pinellas, in a speech at a Tiger Bay Event in Tallahassee, today called for the withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Iraq.(roll tape#1 o.q."

To win the peace")

In his speech, Pinellas calls the American led invasion of Iraq as being one of worse miscalculations in American military and political history...WMNF asked Pinellas if his call for the withdrawal of troops would mean immediately - or under a certain time table....He said he hopes it happens as soon as possible (roll tape#2 o.q."that's just plain wrong")

Pinellas' comments about the war come as he is struggling in most polls in 3rd place for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, trailing former Education Commissioner Betty Castor, and South Florida Congressman Peter Deutsch.

Amongst most Democrats - very few have gone as far as demanding an immediate withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Iraq......Some Democrats have argued the opposite - saying that MORE Troops are needed to bring security to Iraq.

But when asked if his stance was designed to bring him attention and kick start a struggling campaign, Pinellas said this is the most important issue in the country, and he would continue to hammer the message until the duration of the campaign (roll tape#3 o.q." and say that")

Also in his speech, Pinellas invoked the name of the man he is trying to replace, Senator Bob Graham.....Graham - was one off only 23 Senators NOT to vote for the resolution authorizing the President to go to war -..Pinellas said Graham's vote was ' a prophetic warning'.....we did not have sufficient information, nor sufficient reason to go to war and shift the focus from Al Queda.

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