Meanwhile, about 250 people gathered across the street from the Marriot, to protest President Bush’s visit to town, and many of his administrations policies.


The protestors lined Franklin Street and Channelside Avenue, waving signs at passing cars. On the north side of Channelside was a giant sign that read—is Bush the Antichrist?



A giant pig represented the amount of money spent on war by the bush administration, trailing the big pig were two small ones, meant to represent the amount of money spent on healthcare and education.


ACT ‘Not the church, not the state, women must decide their fate.

The theme of the protest was women’s rights; many protestors said Bush’s poor track record on issues related to women was in contrast to the image he was portraying by speaking at a conference having to do with fighting to end the sex trafficking industry.

Stephanie Grutman is with Florida Planned Parenthood

ACT “Most recently the Bush admin forced to the FDA to look at ideology. didn’t approved selling stuff over the counter…abortion ban…I would say listen to women…I think he has a core group of supporters�

Karen Perez is running for the state rep of district 60. ACT- ‘as a healthcare professional, I see women being denied care every day..the bush administration has not only trampled on women’s rights, but they’ve trampled on the rights of their families….the choices he’s making are against families, but he says he’s for it�

ACT �hey hey , ho ho, the war on women has got to go� “What do we want choice, when so we want it now.�

But women’s rights were not the only reason people came to protest Bush.

ACT-Jenae Murphy—chair of the local Democratic Party. “We all want both bushes out, they have turned their back on women, labor, environment….decent cup of coffee�

“We don’t like bush..hes lied to us too many times… …he’d probably say there’s weapons of mass destruction …I’m here to tell bush about Iraq…I know people that have lost their dads, I feel bad for em…they cant make sense…

“My main issue is his foreign policy and the war on Iraq. I think he was wrong�

“My main problem wit him is he’s out to keep the poor poorer, keep the rich richer…were out here showing support, besides the Kerry people who want o sell out…maybe you can show one persons, open their eyes….

“As an anarchist, I don’t like him, he’s trying to ban abortion….if “

“Why don’t I like him..list of reasons, reinstate the draft..womens reasons…Unical..document W-1999

ACT “This protest is juts anti-bush in general. Kerry, anarchist…he’s probably just gonna shrug it off.� ACT-Frank Dwyer, union rep for district council 78 local

88. IUPAT “Problems like health and welfare, outsourcing jobs, he does not help the middle class, being a union person, hes passed so many laws to make us collect dues. I would ask him why a senior citizen why don’t they let tem get cheap drugs, why he’s outsourcing, why they're not trying to get jobs in the US, not overseas.�

People came from throughout the state, and some from as far away as Atlanta top be part of the protest. Many of them found out about the protest through their participation in moveonpac.org. Moveonpac organized the conference call with Fahrenheit 9-11 director Michael Moore, following that, they organized house parties around the country, 50 of which took place in the Tampa Bay area. People made calls to unregistered and undecided voters, speaking to them about the upcoming election and the need to get involved. Susan Glickman is a local organizer of moveonpac.org. They have almost 100,000 members in Florida, and they sent out information to about 25,000 people about this event

ACT “You’re gonna see between now and the election whenever bush or his people come to town, as opposed to letting them lay claim..President bush is here to talk about sex trafficking, yet he cut money out of his budget..we wanna keep them honest….�

There were also about 25 Bush supporters who rallied on the other side of Franklin Street.

ACT-Steve Doles ‘Were a foster family, and we’ve almost lost foster kids..does that issue rise above all others? I also believe there’s evil in the world, I know going to war is a tough decision…he’s made the right decision there..we're losing troops….there talking about a democracy, and ere a democratic republics, I’m not sure they understand what kind of country we have.�

ACT—Armen Garcia “We are cheering for bush, how come, because we believe what he’s doing..we support our troops..they dont look very intelligent and were for America, I don’t think they are. I don’t understand tem at all, theyre insulting, we are defending America.if they don’t want defense�

ACT-Nia Garcia ’I think George bush is doing the right thing, I like that he’s trying to help America, and sometimes he tries to help America as much as he can�

ACT ‘Were here to hopefully get a glimpse of our president..hes a family man and a godly man.�

ACT “We love bush, we love bush�

About 40 of the anti-bush protestors crossed the street to stand with, and sometimes argue with, the Bush supporters, before the Presidential motorcade passed through.

ACT “Down with bush—we love bush!�


ACT ‘Is everyone here registered to vote….woooo� There were no arrests reported; very few police were present. The protestors marched around for a few minutes, but did not attempt to cross and streets or approach the hotel. Shortly before Bush arrived, they all gathered to hear speakers from some of the groups that organized the protest.

ACT “His record is something we will no longer tolerate, his attacks on reproductive health is something we will no longer tolerate…he cut the justice departments budget..his promises were broken and we will not tolerate it…he cut money to battered women shelters..that is just the beginning of his rhetoric.�

Stephanie Grubman, Planned Parenthood ACT— ‘it is time for us to take a stand and let the people who run this country know that what they are doing is wrong. Darden rice is with the Sierra club

ACT- “There is a theme here today of broken promises, the bush admins broken promises to women, families, workers, but the sierra club cant talk about broken promises, bush hasn’t even dared to make promises on clear water r air. The bush has by far by far the worst admin for our environment.�

ACT ‘Four more months!!..�

After the motorcade brought Bush into the hotel, most of the protestors left, but a group of about 15 protestors, some of them wearing bandanas around their faces, were followed around by police until they left the area.

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