Tomorrow in Tampa a demonstration is being held against the new Cuba travel restrictions imposed by the Bush Administration on June 30th.

The new rules forbid Cuban-Americans from items, such as clothes, personal hygiene items, seeds, fishing supplies, soap-making equipment and veterinary medicines to their family members in Cuba. This rule also limits the recipients of these gift parcels to immediate family members by barring Cuban-Americans from sending basic necessities to their aunts, uncles and cousins in Cuba.

In addition, the amendment would prohibit the use of funds for the Administration's new rule that travelers to Cuba can only bring 44 pounds of luggage.

Henry Mendoza is from the group "Cuban Family Rights Committee".....He's angry at the restrictions, and that's why he's organized tomorrow morning's protest, scheduled to be held at 9AM at the corner of Columbus & Himes in West Tampa. He says the President has made a massive error (roll tape#1 o.q."family in Cuba as well")

Last week legislation co-sponsored by Tampa Congressman Jim Davis that would rescind the Administration's new Cuban restrictions passed in the House......It still needs Senate approval, and Congressman Davis told WMNF last week he's not certain when that will happen.(roll tape#2 o.q."so far so good")

Davis said he has heart breaking stories from Cuban-Americans living in Tampa who have already been affected adversely by the Bush Administration's new policy

(roll tape#3 o.q."suffering from Cuba")

Activist Henry Mendoza says part of tomorrow' demonstration is also a show of support for Davis' legislation - and he says it affects ALL Americans, not just those with family in Cuba (roll tape#4 o.q."anyway they want")

Again that protest against the Bush Administration's new restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba takes place tomorrow morning at 9AM at the corner of Himes and Columbus in Tampa.

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