Occupy Tampa holds first protest in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

09/26/11 Josh Holton
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Occupy Wall Street is a people-powered movement for democracy that began on September 17 with an encampment in the financial district of New York City. A Tampa group began similar protests against financial institutions at downtown’s Gaslight Park on Saturday.

Scott Shepard drove from Lakeland to attend the protest after seeing the newly-created Occupy Tampa Facebook page. He joined about 8 Tampa Bay residents drawing up signs and strategies on the sunny afternoon.

After a week of ignoring the demonstrations, on Saturday the St. Petersburg Times finally ran a caption and an Associated Press photo of the Occupy Wall Street protests on page 4B. Blake Westlake organized the Occupy Tampa protest and started a Facebook page the day before.

At the Occupy Wall Street protest there are elements of democratic consensus building, such as holding votes for what their most pressing demands should be. Westlake said he may be incorporating those demands into the Occupy Tampa movement.

Westlake said the group is trying to focus their goals on corporate corruption, and not merely partisan aims.

The protestors planned to confront big businesses like Bank of America; which they say has benefited from government bailouts and influences America’s financial policies. Chris Dorsey works for the Crow’s Nest, A student-run newspaper at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, and was excited to start planning strategies.

Some media accounts have described Occupy Wall Street protestors as overeducated and underemployed. Sean Doyle has been out of work for a year and a half, and thinks he will have a hard time finding a job with his credit score. He thinks that Bank of America should pay back the money they were given by the government.

While many wealthy Americans have called proposed tax hikes on millionaires class warfare, Westlake said the corporate tax rate is already at one of its record low points in US History, and that they should pay their fair share.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been criticized for his opinion that corporations are people. Westlake said that the legal definitions of corporations have strayed considerably from their original intent.

As of Monday morning, the Occupy Tampa Facebook page had more than 400 likes. The group is mainly focused on preparing to join a US Day of Rage on October 6th at 9 in the morning again in downtown Tampa’s Lykes Gaslight Park.

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No anger, just peace

I wish they would call it a Day of Peace or Day of Light instead of a Day of Rage.

A day of... Do I really need to be here???

I like the guy in the black shirt giving the guy in the blue shirt little bunny ears... it shows me just how serious they are!!!

I'm scared now

Oh boy. this picture should be made into a poster for IMPOTENCE.

What? Again?

Why aren't any minorities represented in this group? I am SICK of being excluded!


if you are sick of being excluded jacob, then you should join the protesters. They could use more bodies.

Thanks, Dr. Ali.

Thanks for your insightful comment, Dr Ali. I hope we can enlist your genius in this movement. PS. Glenn. Those're peace signs, not bunny ears, dude. Altho both are awesome.

Are you sure???

I don't knooowww... they look like bunny ears to me...

No Thank You

I prefer productive activity.

Support Poll


You can get involved.

Just to let everyone know. All are included in this Movement. You just need to show up. http://occupytogether.com; for dates and times near you.


I just had a larger movement after my second cup of coffee this morning.

I was There

For Jacob: There were people of all ages and races there. It was very eclectic, which is not to say they could not do without your presence. Mike: This is one photo of some of the people who were there, again feel free to join in in any capacity. Dr. Ali, if you are afraid of greater powers than a group of ordinary people, I urge you to go down to the park, it will greatly improve your condition to join in common cause with your neighbors. The place was very productive and the combination of all the protests around the country will do more to focus action that isolate individuals who fear they are impotent because they have fallen into the trap of believing what they are told every day - that you are powerless and that nothing can be done. As it says so very aptly at WMNF "when the people lead, the leaders will follow"


How is today any different than yesterday? I would say that your movement, while almost completely ineffective, leaned toward the unproductive because city workers had to host your presense. Good job. Pat yourself on the back some more.

Think Again, Naysayers

Every great protest movement has started with simple attempts to gain attention for the cause. In this case, the cause is to bring attention to the greed of Wall Street (they are gaining record profits while many places, including Tampa, have double-digit unemployment) and to chastise the politicians that support the workings of corporate America while denigrating the position of working Americans. So, I disagree that this is ineffective...it got your attention, didn't it?!


Actually, no, it did not get my attention. I wouldn't have even heard of it if it hadn't been for this forum posting the funny picture.

Please Make a Demotivational Poster

Will someone PLEASE make a demotivational poster of this picture of self-important, pasty white "protesters"?

A Picture of the Heros

check out the latest: http://www.picvalley.net/v.php?p=u/1553/6959812286536252031317995570plO3OIn3V0iHBR8dcVw8.PNG


is there a proteset scheduled for sat 10/8/11 at gaslight park or any where else please respond to e-mail

No Saturday protest

No there is not. Their next meeting at Gaslight park will be on Sunday at 11. http://www.occupytampa.org has more info.


It's about time Americans stood up against greed, it's been in existence in "our face" long enough. i saw this coming 20 years ago. If you know anything about world history...every greedy and power-hungry civilization comes to an end one way or another.

Greed is Good, Crabs

Keep squawking losers. Just because you're not smart enough to get ahead, don't drag the rest of us down with you. That's the crab mentality common to poor people everywhere.

so there!

Robert Simms sucks