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INTRO: The Fox News Channel has become the official propaganda outlet for the Conservative and Religeous Right in the current administration and it’s owner Rupert Murdock makes no bones about it. A new documentary film, “Outfoxed� was shown to the public last night across the nation in bars, and halls, and homes. “Uncovered� director Robert Greenwald, working with members of moveon.org, produced the three hundred thousand dollar expose’ using much of Rupert Murdock’s News Channel footage. Last night, in New Port Richey, about one hundred people gathered at Bourbon Street, by far the largest gathering in the Bay Area. WMNF’s Mark Antokas was there.

SCRIPT: Fair and Balanced. According to “Outfoxed�, a journalistic ethic has been hijacked by Rupert Murdock, sanctioned by other mainstream media outlets, and delivered to an unsuspecting and naive American public by Fox News. Time and time again the film “Outfoxed� points out the journalistic failings, opinions presented as facts, Republican talking points and outright distortions of the Fox News Channel. Director Robert Greenwald has released a DVD of his film, bypassing theaters in an effort to present the truth to grass roots America. Last night, at Bourbon Street in New Port Richey, WMNF attended a showing. About one hundred people attended. Bianca Delas, a native of Chile who had suffered under the reign of Pinochet, was one. Roll Tape:

David Adele of Moveon PAC, says that moveon has one hundred thousand members in Florida. Roll Tape:

Katie, a student at USF, has tried to educate her father. Roll Tape:

Frank Howard finds the interview Bill O’Reilly did with Jeremy Glick, son of a Port Authority worker slain in the World Trade Center maddening. Roll Tape:

Michelle, from Tarpon Springs says that an interest in getting Bush out of office motivated her to attend. Roll Tape:

Robert Parker says that the film has motivated him to get the message out. Roll Tape:

Garrett Gohean, a republican, will not be voting for Bush. Gohean was asked about the film. Roll Tape:

SOCK-OUT: You can purchase the DVD “Outfoxed� from Moveon.org Moveon is circulating a petition to the federal Trade Commision and Congress to prevent the Fox News Channel from using the “Fair and Balanced� trademark. At Bourbon Street in New Port Richey, there will be a Democratic National Convention houseparty on July 29. this is Mark Antokas for WMNF radio news.

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