A conversation with Dr. Jennifer Conrad, founder of The Paw Project

06/26/13 Duncan Strauss
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Dr. Jennifer Conrad, veterinarian and founder of The Paw Project explains exactly what de-clawing is. She confronts head-on what for many is a confusing misnomer by explaining that it’s “de-knuckling,” and that the de-claw surgery actually involves amputating parts of the cat’s bones.She discusses the new documentary film, also called “The Paw Project,” which chronicles her work. The Paw Project seeks to educate the public about the perils of feline de-clawing and to end the practice of the declaw surgery. The consequences of the surgery include performing reparation surgery on numerous captive big cats who had been declawed, helping relieve their pain of being maimed and to improve their mobility. The movie widens out from well-told doc to political thriller of sorts, relating the tale of West Hollywood becoming the first U.S. city to ban declaw surgery. It also looks at the veterinarians’ trade associations aggressive effort to overturn that ban and help pass a law pre-emptively preventing more such bans, and the race against the clock by several California cities to follow West Hollywood’s lead before the new law took effect.

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