A few alternative events during this week's Republican convention

08/27/12 Seán Kinane
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There are a lot of events coming up during the rest of the week while the Republican Convention is in town.

On Saturday at Occupy Tampa’s Voice of Freedom Park I asked local activist Jimmy Dunson about some of the things he’s helping to organize.

One is the Really, Really Free Market. Another is Fix Sh*t Up.

"Tell us what some events are that are coming up after Monday."

"Okay so Monday night we have the Roving Radical Dance Party but afterwards, Tuesday from 12 to 4 hopefully here at place of freedom were going to have a Really, Really Free Market. The idea of that is rather than a capitalist free market where everything’s for sale were going to have a Really, Really Free Market where we show the alternative to capitalism, everything is free and we just share."

"And then there’s a fixer upper?"

"Yes and then there’s an event called Fix Sht Up. That’s to kind of change the dialogue of what’s happening. There’s this good protester bad protester idea in the media and with the authorities so what we’re trying to do is change that dialogue and say alright you can talk about that but we’re going to do something different. So they had this idea that protesters are coming into the city to “fck sht up”. So to counteract that we organized this event to “fix sht up” in the community in West Tampa. We’re going around trying to find out what community members mean. So rather than just coming here as a mass mobilization and protesting the RNC we’re trying to connect with local community members in this community and do true solidarity work as well."

You can find a list of other events on our website rnc.wmnf.org.

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